Tuesday, 28 December 2010

What's the most important concern for YOU ... ?

For me ... it has to be health.
Without your health, your life remains on hold.
It causes restrictions on the things that your able or unable to do.
I myself am heavily reliant on our NHS, without it my life would be unbearable.

Any Government that comes to power needs to make this a top priority ...
And the Doctors & Nurses should have the full backing behind them so that they can do the job
Their employed to do.

One particular case springs to mind of a gentleman named Terence D. Burch ... This man has been waiting for more than 600 days to be treated for his extreme health problems that he's had to endure for far to long. I want this man to be seen too as soon as possible and to recieve the urgent medical treatment he so richly needs and deserves without further delay. It is possible for his quality of life to be greatly improved. It is vital that he gets the help he needs and for his wife Angela to be able to take a well earnt rest from looking after her husband for so long without the proper help she has needed but has NOT been given by those who are most qualified to do so.

Please log onto Angela's website & blog ... http://onyourbiketoo.blogspot.com/ also please add your name to the CAUSES Page: Support Campaign to ask the NHS to do its job. You can follow Angela Cavill-Burch on Twitter & Facebook.
Z4s 1.
... and if there is anyone out there that can help this couple then please contact me or Angela Cavill-Burch directly.

                                                             Angela Cavill-Burch

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  1. ' Just like to say, "All the Best for Tomorrow as you journey down to Stanmore Hospital Angela & Terence. Here's hoping that the first part on the treatment for Terence goes really well."

    The Peterborough church is praying for you and so am I. '