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Have you been watching the Great Fish Fight on Channel 4 ?
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With millions of people in third world countries that can't afford one very small meal a day and having the EU past laws on fish that are caught being thrown back dead into the sea is nothing more than totally disgraceful.

EU laws on fish discards are a disgrace and involves thousands of tons of good edible and sellable fish being dumped, dead, into the sea every year. EU fishery discards laws are offensive and reprehensible and are a good example of the total stupidity, ignorance, and arrogance of the unelected and unaccountable EU Comissioners in a foreign country. How could OUR, so called British POLITICIANS allow us to be governed by such idiots from that country's extravagant guilded palaces in Brussels ?

Surely with 5 Billion people that live in the world today that need to be feed ... this nonsense of throwing fish back into the sea because the EU Commissioners say's so, is totally immoral and should not be obeyed. It needs to be stopped from happening from this point on. This law needs to be dis-obeyed by all the fishermen that rely on this for a living. There has to be a better way to look after are fish stocks than to throw perfectly good fish that can be sold and eaten.

If you would like to add your name to our petition then please click on the link below. Every name added shows the EU that we find this practise totally unacceptable and that we want this law scrapped.


  • Total Signatures so far:   627,203 

    I've just added my name to Hugh's Fish Fight Campaign ~ Why not do the same ?
    You can add your name here:

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