Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Christian Graves Desecrated During Church To Mosque Conversion

If this doesn't rattle your bones ... nothing will.


Shame on Manchester City Council, this is a total outrage.
The planning department at the City Council should of never
given permission to allow these graves to be knocked to pieces
and crushed in such an appaulling and insensitive manner.

Why on earth is this being allowed just to make way for a car park and to turn this into a place for muslims to have a mosque to worship in. What's wrong with the British people just rolling over
and letting this happen ...?

Where's the front page news regarding this ... ? How come our own elected politicians, have allowed Islam to take such a hold in this country ... ? Why our we as a nation allowing this to happen on our own doorstep ... ?

Is it because ... this does not really matter anymore ... ?

Please ask yourself, what do you think about what really matters ... ? To live in a country with christian principles ... or ... an Islamic nation that's bent on forcing their religion upon us ... ?

Tell me ... Do you really want to live in a country that has no respect for the dead that fought, died and built such a great nation for our generation to just give it away to these extreme Islamic's Muslim folk.

Please don't get me wrong ... when I say, that I must contend for the faith which has been delivered to us through Jesus Our Lord. We our also taught to love our enemy as ourself ... and the way I read that is, I am to lead by example given to us by Christ ... I don't hate these people, but I love them enough to say that Islam is not of the truth and to try to presuade them thatthe Bible is the truth which they need to trust & obey. They need to become christians and I will do all that I can to help them to do so.

You might like to look at the other You Tube on this which I've posted. 

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