Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Dear Mr Brown and fellow supporter's,

A war on fuel prices is on. We’ve joined forces with The Sun newspaper to petition against fuel duty hikes.  The ‘Keep It Down’ campaign is piling the pressure on government to cut Britain’s soaring fuel taxes but we need your help.
A war on fuel prices is on. We’ve joined forces with The Sun newspaper to petition against fuel duty hikes.  The ‘Keep It Down’ campaign is piling the pressure on government to cut Britain’s soaring fuel taxes but we need your help.

Click here Sign the petition < and make sure your voice is added
We’ve also got news on why gas and electricity prices may be slashed now that MPs are challenging the leading energy suppliers and as our dedicated newsletter reader, be the first to preview our new TV ad. Only customers can see the exclusive version, so take a look.
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Energy dials overlaid on the Houses of Parliament
MPs challenge energy providers over soaring bills
MPs have taken on the big six energy suppliers to ask why household bills are going up, despite huge increases in their profits. Read on to see how they explained the rising cost of your gas and electricity bills.
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In the rural areas where owning a car is essential to get to work, shop and attend hospital appointments etc., fuel prices should not be increased. Adding more fuel tax to the price of a litre of petrol should not be allowed. The situation in towns & cities is somewhat different as public transport is an option providing it also keeps it's prices affordable to the customer.

Every attempt that the Government makes should indeed be meet by opposition from the people it serves. This Government needs to sit up and listen to the people ...
You can not continue to increase the cost of living while at the same time continue to make huge cut's in the things we all need.

The petition I would like to ask you to sign has been set up by: Please sign it to demonstrate to this Government that you strongly disapprove of any fuel tax increases in April it's planning to introduce.

I have ...
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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


If you believe in this petition that's been put together by the 38 Degrees People Power Website then please click the link to this and add your name to it please.

The Save Our Forests petition is growing fast: 470,000 of us have signed so far.

But a lot of people still haven't heard about the government's plan to sell off our woodlands.

Please forward this email to your friends and ask them to sign the petition now.

Sign The Petition

Our Save Our Forests campaign is creating a national sensation! We now have nearly half a million signatures on our petition -- that's more than the population of Liverpool. [1]

That’s because we understand something the government doesn’t: our natural forests are priceless, and once they’re gone - they’re gone forever.

Our campaign is already all over the news and politicians are getting increasingly nervous. That’s why the most important thing we can do right now is spread the word and ensure our petition continues to grow as quickly as possible.

Government ministers are trying to distract us with warm and fuzzy words about how much they love the forests. They've announced a "consultation" on how we'd like our forests sold off - even though they already know most of us don't want them sold off at all!

Even before this so-called consultation finishes they're busy trying to change the laws that currently protect public forests. This is blatantly clearing the way for a massive sell-off. What kind of consultation is that?

Don’t let them get away with it - tell everyone you know about our campaign right now.
If they want a consultation, here it is: 38 Degrees members chipped in to fund a national opinion poll which proved that 84% of the public want our forests kept in public hands for future generations.

Places like the Forest of Dean, the New Forest, Grizedale, Thetford, and Alice Holt are national treasures. We don’t want the natural places that belong to future generations flogged off for a quick cash grab today. But if we don’t rally together now, we may not have a choice.

Our petition already has over 470,000 names on it, including yours.

Please forward this email to your friends and ask them to sign. All they have to do is click on the link and add their names:

Thanks for getting involved. says Robert H. Brown ~ Chairman of the NW Cambs Branch of UKIP


Last week I didn't get the opportunity to find time to post my latest weekly blog. So this week I'm planning on putting two blogs on my blogsite ... so here's the first one all about not cutting back on our public transport buses combined with a petition which I would like all my readers to sign and invite other friends & family to do likewise.

The Petition named "NO CUTS IN CAMBRIDGESHIRE BUS FUNDING" organised by Andrew Osborne can be downloaded by clicking on this link:

Once you've downloaded it you can then sign it and then take a look at 2 other links giving some background information which will help you understand the importance of saving the buses from being cut.

We believe that the County Council should not make any cuts in funding subsidies to predominately rural bus routes. These routes are vital lifelines to many rural pensioners who no longer drive or own a car, and also the unemployed people looking for work that can't afford taxi's to attend interviews for example. Also our teenage children that may need to use the buses to get to about after school or even to attend college's in places like Cambridge.

Please remember that not everyone owns a car in the country and the bus is their only way of getting about to do their shopping, attend hospital & doctor's appointments and to go out to meet friends & family. Spare a thought for this portion of our society ... before making any cutbacks to the Public Transport system.