Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Last week I didn't get the opportunity to find time to post my latest weekly blog. So this week I'm planning on putting two blogs on my blogsite ... so here's the first one all about not cutting back on our public transport buses combined with a petition which I would like all my readers to sign and invite other friends & family to do likewise.

The Petition named "NO CUTS IN CAMBRIDGESHIRE BUS FUNDING" organised by Andrew Osborne can be downloaded by clicking on this link:


Once you've downloaded it you can then sign it and then take a look at 2 other links giving some background information which will help you understand the importance of saving the buses from being cut.

We believe that the County Council should not make any cuts in funding subsidies to predominately rural bus routes. These routes are vital lifelines to many rural pensioners who no longer drive or own a car, and also the unemployed people looking for work that can't afford taxi's to attend interviews for example. Also our teenage children that may need to use the buses to get to about after school or even to attend college's in places like Cambridge.

Please remember that not everyone owns a car in the country and the bus is their only way of getting about to do their shopping, attend hospital & doctor's appointments and to go out to meet friends & family. Spare a thought for this portion of our society ... before making any cutbacks to the Public Transport system.

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